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Jesus and the End Time
End Times Teachings of Jesus
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Important Features

This site confines itself to discussing the words of the Bible, and treats those words with seriousness and respect.

This site shows and discusses New Testament passages that include words spoken by Jesus or descriptions of his teachings.

This site is designed so that any Bible text that cites another Bible text can be horizontally tiled with that other text.


An End Time prophecy website that shows and discusses King James Bible texts that describe End Times teachings of Jesus. Examples include texts that describe teachings of Jesus about the end of the world, End of Days, Last Days, or Last Times. Other examples include texts that describe teachings of Jesus about the coming of the Son of man, the kingdom of God, the Day of Judgment, the Last Judgment, the Resurrection, heaven and hell, etc. All discussions of the meanings of Bible texts are based on their actual words and on how the same words are used in other parts of the Bible, unless their immediate context suggests that they are not to be taken literally. This site makes no use of specialized Bible study tools like form criticism, source criticism, and criteria of authenticity.     Read more …

Important Questions

How does the KJV Bible describe the teachings of Jesus about the End Time Judgment and/or End Time Kingdom?

What was Jesus talking about when he spoke of 'the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet'?

How do the teachings of Jesus about heaven and hell compare with the most nearly similar teachings of the Old Testament?

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