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Jesus and the End Time
The End Time As Jesus Saw It: Abstract

This site includes sets of King James Bible texts that show the teachings of Jesus about the End Time. Examples of such Bible texts are texts that show the teachings of Jesus about the end of the world, the Last Day, the Day of Judgment, and the regeneration. Other examples are Bible texts that show the teachings of Jesus about the coming of the Son of man, the resurrection, and great tribulation. Still other examples show the teachings of Jesus about heaven, hell, eternal life or everlasting punishment. By showing texts of these kinds, along with other Bible texts that Jesus quotes or alludes to in order to explain or support his teachings about the End Time, the writer hopes to help readers learn, as nearly as possible, what they would have learned, if they had been among Jesus' earliest followers and heard and saw the things they did. Read more …

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What would a person believe about the End Time, if he had been fortunate enough to be among Jesus' earliest followers?

How do the teachings of Jesus about heaven and hell compare with the most nearly similar teachings of the Old Testament?

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The End Time As Jesus Describes It

Jesus and Hell (or Everlasting) Fire

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